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2015 Events, Calendar, Class Offerings
Information regarding our 2015 Drama/Communication Skills class offering has been posted.  Please reference Registration & Brochures tab via navigational panel on left.


“The Christian life is to be a thing of truth, and also a thing of
beauty in the midst of a lost and despairing world.”
Francis Schaeffer
 Spring 2005, Four One Acts


The Triquetra is a symbol composed exactly of three overlapping vesica piscis (shapes formed by the intersection of two circles).  The symbol has been used by Christians as a sign of the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), especially since the Celtic Revival of the 19th century.  The triquetra has been used extensively on Christian sculpture, vestments, book arts and stained glass and has been used on the title page and binding of some editions of the New King James Version.